The Station House Officer,


New Delhi


Sub: Complaint against XXXXXXXX and  XXXXXXX R/o X-XXXX, XXXXX, New Delhi-XXXXXX

Respected Sir,

I, XXXXXX son of Sh. XXXXXXXX R/o H. No- XXX, XXXX, XXXXXXXX, Delhi, wish to inform that the applicant and his wife Smt. XXXXXX have severed the relationship with Mr. XXXXXXXXX and his wife XXXXXXXX R/o X-XX , XXXXXXXX, New Delhi-XXXXXX in the year XXXX, because of their bad behavior with us, and they were/are pressurizing me for selling my property for their lust and greed otherwise they will throw me & my wife from my home forcefully.

It is further to inform you that I am most unfortunate father on this earth that I have severed my relations from my son XXXXXXX and daughter-in-law XXXXXXXXX, because both husband and wife made our life hell & miserable and the subject cited persons use to come at our residence to take money, always asked for jewelry golden articles, cash for their greed and lust & used to meet with the property dealers for selling my house, while it is relevant to mention here that I am the owner of the property no- H. No-XXX, XXXXXXXXX, Delhi and they used to humiliate and torture almost on daily basis to the applicant and his family members along-with his second son XXXXXXXX, who is studying.

It is further to put on record that XXXXXXXX along with her mother namely XXXXXXXX and elder sister namely XXXXXXXXXXX arrived  on XX.XX.XXXX around XX.XX am tried to trespass my house  and started talking abruptly and misbehaved with us. They also tried to forcefully seize my property and started creating nuisance. After listening to this nuisance, the neighbors gathered around. XXXXXXX has also threatened to sell the house or otherwise to implicate the complainant and his family members into some false cases like domestic violence case, dowry demand cases etc.  and after approx. an hour XXXXXXXX came to our home and then all the subject cited persons gone from the area.

In view of above, it is therefore, most respectfully prayed that appropriate protection may please be provided to the applicant and his family members from XXXXXXXX, her mother, her elder sister so that they may not be able to put harm to the complainant and his family members & restrict them not to come at my residence.

Yours Faithfully,


Dated: XX.XX.XXXX                       


                 S/o  Sh. XXXXXXXX



          Mob: XXXXXXXXXX

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