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Under instruction and on behalf of my client XXXXX through XXXXX Director, having its office at XXXXX. I hereby serve you with the following legal notice in the succeeding paragraphs.

1.   That my client carrying its business under the name and style “XXXXX” at the above-mentioned address and my client is dealing its business in the denim jeans fabric etc and you the noticee is a trader working under the name of XXXX, having its office address mentioned above and you the noticee approached to my client on several occasions for purchasing denim jeans fabrics, the goods supplied against your valid and confirmed orders, my client supplied goods & maintained the account books of my client operated in due course of business and my client-raised invoices, you have acknowledged the receipt of such invoices raised by my client.

2.   That as per my client’s ledger, there is outstanding of Rs. XXXX/-(Rs. XXXXX) and my client requested to you the noticee on several occasions for the said outstanding payment but you the noticee have always been dilly delaying the same on one pretext or the other and so far have not paid the said outstanding amount.

3.   That my client made several requests to pay the outstanding amount of Rs. XXXX/-(Rs. XXXXX) but you the noticee avoided to make the payment and in spite of several reminders to you the noticee and in spite of acknowledging the liability of payment of Rs. XXXXX/-(Rs. XXXXX), you the noticee have been miserably failed to make payment of the said amount, hence you are liable to pay the amount Rs. XXXXX/-(Rs. XXXXX) along with interest @ XX% p.a. from the date of due till actual realization of the said amount.

I, therefore, through this Notice finally call upon you to noticee to pay Rs. XXXX/-(Rs. XXXX) along with future interest @ XX% p.a. from the due date along with noticee fee of Rs.XXXX/-to my client within XX days from the date of receipt of this notice, failing which my client has given me instructions to file Civil as well as Criminal lawsuit for recovery against you in the competent court of law and in that event you shall be fully responsible for the same for all costs and consequences.

A copy of this legal notice has been retained in my office for further use and reference.

                  (XXXXX & ASSOCIATES)




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